I’m leaving the Heartbreak Hotel



So I found out that Medley is closing which is sad because I like her stuff a ton. She has everything on sale at 25L per piece! I think I bought the entire store, lol.  Teleport to Medley

On the left:

Hair: Joy by Wasabi Pills

Skin: Polly 2 (Natural Porcelain) by Al Vulo

Eyes: Eyes (Purple) by Medley

Teeth: Prim Teeth v2 (Braces) by Medley

Shirt: Boatneck Top (Blue) by Medley

Pants: Super Skinnies (Dark Faded) by Medley

Feet: Tip Toe Bare Feet by Gaeline Creations

Bag: Tiny Tote (Navy) by Auxiliary (@TDR Fusion)


On the right:

Hair: GaEun by Burley

Skin and eyes same as left

Bow: Gyaru Bow (Lilac) by Glue Ink (@Blah Shared Gacha)

Shirt: Lazy Day Tee (Black) by Medley

Slippers: My Wabbit Slippers (Princess) by Blah (Blah Shared Gacha)




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