Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey!


timeywimey_004So I’m a pretty big Doctor Who fan and in honor of the 50th anniversary I have put this lovely outfit together! The Geeks’n’Nerds fair opening on the 24th and it has so many amazing creations! So much nerdy and geeks stuffs for everything! And of course, my favorite… Doctor Who! hehe. I’m sorry I haven’t made a post in like 3 weeks! Lots of things happening! Work has gotten busier because of the holidays and my bf, Kal, came to America to see me! It was the best time of my life and I’m so very happy that we met <3 Have a Happy Tuesday!


Hat: Props are Cool by Hopscotch

Hair: Tessa by Due {@ Geeks’n’Nerds}

Skin: Delilah by Birdy

Screwdriver: Sonically Screwed by Wimey {@ Geeks’n’Nerds}

Sweater: Mama’s Knit by u.f.o. {@ Geeks’n’Nerds}

Skirt: Love UU by BCC {@ Geeks’n’Nerds}

Tattoo: 7Sins by NEO

Socks: Knee Socks by fri.day

Heels: Raggedy Man Heels by fri.day {@ Geeks’n’Nerds}

Poses: On a Current by Double Take {@ Geeks’n’Nerds} & New-New Doctor by dfo!