Wanna sip This smooth Air, Kick it In the sand

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Summerfest is finally here and it’s one of my favorite events in sl, I do have to say! Summer is one of the best seasons because it’s fun and sun and hot guys….ah….whoa, oops! Got lost in a daydream there. Anyways! You have to go check it out and buy it all!

Teleport to Summerfest


Skin: Cassia by Glam Affair {@ Summerfest}

Hair: West Coast by Exile {@ Summerfest}

Bikini: Sophia Bikini by erratic {@ Summerfest}

Tattoos: Summer Marine Knee Tattoos by NEO

Hands and Feet by SLink

Float: Flip-Flop Lounger by Exposeur {@ Summerfest}







Hair: Esperanza by Truth

Goggles: Steampunk Squirrel Goggles (Human Vers.) by !Ohmai

Skin: Kate-Virgin (Champagne) by The Skinnery

Wings: Steampunk Wing by Una {@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Corset: Obey Corset by 1 Hundred

Pants/Shoes: Space Steam Leggings by Yasum {@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Pose: Wrong Way Round by Blah.



I want to take You Far from The cynics in this town, and Kiss you On the mouth…



Hey cuties! Sorry for the delay in my posting. Just real life has been so so hectic lately and too much shopping in sl has kept me preoccupied! I bet it’s the same for all of you. The Arcade started on March 1st which is so so soooo exciting. It’s my all time favorite event in sl! So many cute things as well. This stuff isn’t even half of what I got there! Also the new Perfect Wardrobe theme is kawaiiii and since we’re all kawaii kitties, it’s perfect! I love the theme and so much kawaii stuffs I need to go back! Adore&Abhor is also having their 5 year anniversary event! So neat and lots of cool designers made stuff for it! TDR fusion also has a new round out and such amazing stuff..yet again. What is a girl supposed to do with so many shopping events going on?! Buy it all!


On Me

Hair: Jamie Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills

Skin: Clover Cold (Sunkissed) by Essences (@TDR Fusion)

Blazer: Lydia Kawaii Jacket and Shirt by Wertina (@Perfect Wardrobe)

Jeans: Nyx Skinny Jeans (Denim Dark) by AUTRES

Skates: Vintage Roller Skates (Lavender) by The Secret Store (@The Arcade)

Cupcake on head: The Sugar Battalion (Zzees) by Half-Deer (@The Arcade)

Stuffed Animal on arm: Fox (FF) by D-Lab (@The Arcade)

Lollipop: Pary Bear Pop by Katatonik (@Adore&Abhor Anniversary Event)

On floor -Both @ The Arcade

Suitcase: Machinarium Suitcase (Kahlua) by Vespertine

Cupcake: The Sugar Battalion (Popcorn) by Half-Deer



We’ll cut our bodies free from the tethers of this scene,
Start a brand new colony.

Sing me To sleep




Hair: Vines by Chemistry

Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes (Persian Blue) by Mayfly & The Whites by Clemmm

Skin: Polly 2 (Natural Porcelain) by Al Vulo

Lips: Hotshot Lips by Glamorize

Blazer: Blazer with Shirt by Flower Child (@Fi*Fridays)

Jeans: Skinny Jeans by Villena

Shoes: Burning Desire (Black) by DDL 



Life’s too Short To even care At All.


so I’m trying something new out blog style wise. I guess I’ll see if I like it or not. I tend to change often! Sorry D: I should have posted this one sooner, but rl tends to get in the way of doing anything at the right time, apparently. This one is all about black friday shopping. You can still go to fr*fridays and get what I got there though even if some of the other sales are over now.


Skin: Polly 2 (Natural Porcelain) by Al Vulo 

Eyes: Super Ocular (Purple) by Candy Mountain

Hair: Jade (Fades) by TRUTH



Jacket: Kestin Hoodie (Black) by Into Dust/AUTRES

Shirt: Starships by Paperbag

Skirt: Alluring Mini by Auxiliary

Tights: Wet Look Cross Leggings by Eclair



Necklace: Munching Deer Necklace by ATTIC (at Fi*Fridays)

Camera: Vintage Brownie Camera (Navy) by Tee*fy

Boots: Military Boots (Black) by Whatever (at Fi*Fridays)