My legs Took me where my Mind Refused to go


When Neil Sedaka said “Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do” he wasn’t kidding. That song has an upbeat tempo, but the words themselves are full of pain. I broke up with my boyfriend of almost 3 years, and it is not easy. He never hurt me or gave me reason to break up with him, but he lived an ocean away. I love him, of course. I just couldn’t handle being apart like that and only seeing each other maybe 3 times a year. I feel shitty for doing it, but I just couldn’t go on pretending things were okay and wondering if we could even make it through this together. He was my best friend and the most perfect boyfriend I ever had and I don’t regret what we had and I never will. Hopefully one day we can be friends, but I’m not so sure.


Hair: Shine by Magika

Skin: Maisie Skin by Birdy (Group Gift)

Eyes: Crying Eyes by Ki

Tears: Tears Collection by MM

Sweater: Crewneck Sweater by amitomo {@ Kustom9}

Jeans: hushhush skinny by 2PM {@ Kustom9}

Creature: Puggly by Birdy {@ The Arcade}