Is This the End of The sea…


The new Young the Giant album came out like a week or so ago and I’m completely in love with it. I’ve loved them for awhile now and have been waiting for this new album and it did not disappoint. So go buy it! haha. The video I’m posting with this post is of them performing the song, live…and it’s so magical *.* I love them! Anyways! I’ve got a few things from Collabor and SFW to showcase too! One last thing- these shoes are my favorite things ever! VERSHE makes them and some other colors and even some  creepy ones in a gacha at their store so go buy buy buy!


Horns: Lushed Horns by Candy Crunchers {@ SFW}

Hair: Averil by D!va {@ Collabor88}

Skin: Delilah by Birdy

Jacket/Shirt: Loose Cardi & Top by Auxiliary {@ Collabor88}

Shorts: Summer Shorts by NS {@ SFW}

Tattoo: Monster by NEO

Socks: Bossy Boots Sock Ad-Ons by fd

Shoes: Tier3 by VERSHE

Pose: Nightcall by Purrsnickitty Poses

Lollipop: With Love Valentin Pop by Leonard






Hello there! Wizarding Faire has opened and there is tons and tons of cute magical stuffs there. Like this cute little flying piggy and my scarf and shirt and tons of other things as well!


Hair: Schism by Little Bones {@ SFW}

Skin: Cho by Essences

Hairband: Studded Headband by Atooly {@ SFW}

Shirt: Wizarding Sweater by peqe {@ Wizarding Faire}

Scarf: Evans Scarf by FATEplay {@ Wizarding Faire}

Skirt: Soul Flare Skirt by Honey {@ SFW}

Bag: Banana Purse by AZOURY {@ SFW}

Tights: wooly tights by Coloretas {closed}

Shoes: Mesh Converse by Black Widow

Piggy: MagAnimals Piglet by MIAMAI {@ Wizarding Faire}

Pouch: The Magic Pouch by Essences {@ Wizarding Faire}

Pose: Model Poses by Purple Poses {@ SFW}



I want Candy



Candy Fair opens on October 4th and the sim is so so so soooooooooooooooo cute! OMG! lol. Here are some previews of the items that will be out there! I’ll post more later too! There’s 3 sims that look like Candy Land and have super cute candy and donuts and treats and so much more! SL Fashion Week also has a ton of cute stuffs out especially since it’s getting colder outside there’s lots of sweaters and nice stuffs! And this amazing eyepiece is from Remarkable Oblivion at FaMESHed and I have to say this round is amazing! Happy Hump Day! <3


Hair: Tamora Hair by Chemistry

Skin: Cho by Essences

Lips: Duck Lips by Pink Acid {@ SFW}

Candy: Candy Corn Cutie by RI {Coming Soon @ The Candy Fair}

Eyepatch: Photograher’s Eye by Remarkable Oblivion {@ FaMESHed}

Sweater: Knitted Sweater by offbeat {@ SFW}

Skirt: Tinkermine Skirt by Geek. {@ SFW}

Socks: OTK Mesh Socks by MCMesh {Coming Soon @ The Candy Fair}

Boots: Studded Long Boots by J’s

Ice Cream: Ice Cream Cone Cup by Mango Cheeks {Coming Soon @ The Candy Fair}

Pose: Candy Girl by Elephante Poses {Coming Soon @ The Candy Fair}



My Day with Mr. Turtle!



Mr. Turtle was so cute I just had to pick him up and cuddle him! But after that he climbed onto my head and was pulling my hair and making me take him everywhere! He wanted to go to the Gentleturtle’s Club, which is obviously a strip club for turtles and that was the last straw! So I took him off my head and I stomped away and I hope to never see that turtle again! The End <3



Hair: hair 015 by eep. {50% off!}

Skin: Cho by Essences

Turtle: Turtles! Mesh Plush Friends by silentsparrow {Fifty Linden Friday}

Sweater: O Deer Sweatshirt by Crash Republic {@ SFW}

Jeans: Mesh Rolled Cuff Jeans by Admiral Spicy {50% off Closing Sale}

Shoes: Mona high sneakers by VCO {@ The Seasons Story}

Pose: Model Poses by Purple Poses {@ SFW}



We’re bigger Than we Ever dreamed.


click for better view


Headpiece: Yazimoto Branch (Winter) by Tableau Vivant {@ The Arcade}

Hair: Lydia by tulip. 

Skin: Cho by Essences

Eyes: Liquid Eyes by Crash Republic {@ SFW}

Eyeliner: White Party Eyeliner by Pink Acid {@ SFW}

Lipstick: My Goth Lipstick by Pink Acid

Sweater: Color Knit by offbeat {@ SFW}

Bodysuit: Fluor Bodysuit by Beusy {@ SFW}

Legs: Black Faun Set by Rotten Defiance

Pose: Susanna by Purple Poses {@ SFW}



It’s Easy when You know how to do It



Happy Monday! hehe, you don’t normally say that on a Monday, but it’s gorgeous outside and I got out of work early and I don’t know, I just feel alright today! Also this shirt really helps! I love love love Doctor Who! I’m loving so much stuff at SL Fashion Week this round! Go and get it before it’s too late! ALSO Essences is having a 50% off sale on skins which is where I got this lovely skin! I was so excited when I heard that I rushed over! hehe! and last but not least, a cute new store called Hello Rabbit! will be opening up inworld soon! Her skins are adorable and my lips are from her! I will update on that later once she opens it!


Hair: Mercury by Little Bones {@ SFW}

Skin: Cho by Essences (50% off!)

Antlers: Metallic Leaf-Vein Antlers by Half Deer {@ SFW}

Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes (Persian Blue) by Mayfly

Bracelet: Cube Bracelet by O.M.E.N {@ SFW}

Lips: Rosy Lip Pack by Hello Rabbit!

Shirt: Ladies Tee (Whodini) by The Sinners Crossroads {@ SFW}

Jeans: lowjeans by Whatever {@ SFW}

Shoes: Bossy Boots (Plain Brown) by fd

Hands: Mesh Hands (Splayed) by SLink

Pose: Model Poses by Purple Poses {@ SFW}



SL Fashion Week



Hair: Yesterday by Magika

Skin:  Amaterasu by Essences {@ The Chapter Four}

Lips: Rose Gloss by My UglyDorothy {@ SFW}

Eyes: Rebel Eyes by Crash Republic {@ SFW}

Dress: Lucy by Ratchet {@SFW}

Bracelet: Bead Bracelet by Atooly {@ SFW}

Shoes: Pow by Lelutka 

Poses: Martha by Purple Poses {@ SFW}



Life in Lavender




Hair: Sachi by Taketomi |@ The Chapter Four|

Skin: Elly by Pink Fuel

Lips: Shimmer Lip Gloss by Pink Acid |@ SFW|

Dress: Sunny Dress (Pink Gradient) by Yulicie |@ The Chapter Four |

Necklace: Bow Necklace (Silver) by tea.s |@ SFW |

Hands: Mesh Hands (Casual) by Slink

Nails: Nail Hud 2 by Crash Republic |@ SFW |

Bracelet: Slap Bracelet (Pastel Diamond) by Crahs Republic |@ SFW|

Ring: Kawaii Robot Ring (Uhhh!) by Candy Crunchers |@ SFW |

Shoes: Socks &  Shoes w/ Hud by Ducknipple

Pose: Lisanna by Purple Poses |@ She & Him|



I like cats.



Magika is having a half off sale which is super awesome! I got like almost all of the hairs now! xD Also! New round of SFW started last Friday and most of the stuff I’m blogging is from there :) Go check it out!


Hair: Forget by Magika (Half off!)

Skin: Elly by Pink Fuel

Necklace: Athena Necklace by faun |@ SFW |

Ribbon: Insignia (Most Bitchy) by RO |@ SFW |

Shirt: loose rolled up tshirt (I like cats) by krautuve |@ SFW |

Jeans: Elise Skinny Jeans (Dark Blue Acid Wash) by little bones |@ SFW |

Shoes: Espadrilles (Striped- Natural) by Miel

Hands: Mesh Hands by Slink 

Pose: Emma (8) by Purple Poses |@ SFW |

Nails: Blue Drip Nails (Hands) by Adore&Abhor (was @ The Arcade)



I Wear my Headphones at the Disco



This new hair by Taketomi might just be my favorite yet which is pretty serious! I love all my hairs, but the colors and the style of this one are just so so cute and I love the length! There’s lots of fun events and hunts going on now. Like the Endless Summer hunt where I got the skirt on the right and Thrift Shop where I got this cute skin on the left! And also the Gala Gacha event is going on with tons and tons of cute stuffs!


On the left

Hair: Fujii by Taketomi 

Skin: [1] Avril (Frosty Queen) by Sugar |@ The Thrift Shop|

Juice: Cocktail Pack (Pink Aid) by VCO |@ Gala #2|

Shirt: Debardeur de neko Peche by NuDoLu |@ Gala #2|

Shorts: Shorts (Grey) by Whatever

Socks: Cat Socks by Frankie

Shoes: Emma Apple flat shoes (Ivory Enamel) by BCC |@ The Arcade

On the right

Hair: Fujii by Taketomi 

Skin: Portia (Fairy) by Al Vulo

Headphones: Radio Headphones (Retro Girl-RARE) by fd |@ The Arcade|

Glasses: Kitty Ear Glasses (White) by SYL |@ SFW

Shirt: Strippy+Sweater (Marshmallow 2) by Vin Cue |@ SFW

Skirt: Endless Summer Hunt Skirt by Blueberry

Shoes: Beaded Flat Sandals Mesh by Al-Hanna

Pose: Alina by Purple Poses |@ SFW|

Both Hand Sets by Slink (Victory and Casual)