Wanna sip This smooth Air, Kick it In the sand

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Summerfest is finally here and it’s one of my favorite events in sl, I do have to say! Summer is one of the best seasons because it’s fun and sun and hot guys….ah….whoa, oops! Got lost in a daydream there. Anyways! You have to go check it out and buy it all!

Teleport to Summerfest


Skin: Cassia by Glam Affair {@ Summerfest}

Hair: West Coast by Exile {@ Summerfest}

Bikini: Sophia Bikini by erratic {@ Summerfest}

Tattoos: Summer Marine Knee Tattoos by NEO

Hands and Feet by SLink

Float: Flip-Flop Lounger by Exposeur {@ Summerfest}




It’s Easy when You know how to do It



Happy Monday! hehe, you don’t normally say that on a Monday, but it’s gorgeous outside and I got out of work early and I don’t know, I just feel alright today! Also this shirt really helps! I love love love Doctor Who! I’m loving so much stuff at SL Fashion Week this round! Go and get it before it’s too late! ALSO Essences is having a 50% off sale on skins which is where I got this lovely skin! I was so excited when I heard that I rushed over! hehe! and last but not least, a cute new store called Hello Rabbit! will be opening up inworld soon! Her skins are adorable and my lips are from her! I will update on that later once she opens it!


Hair: Mercury by Little Bones {@ SFW}

Skin: Cho by Essences (50% off!)

Antlers: Metallic Leaf-Vein Antlers by Half Deer {@ SFW}

Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes (Persian Blue) by Mayfly

Bracelet: Cube Bracelet by O.M.E.N {@ SFW}

Lips: Rosy Lip Pack by Hello Rabbit!

Shirt: Ladies Tee (Whodini) by The Sinners Crossroads {@ SFW}

Jeans: lowjeans by Whatever {@ SFW}

Shoes: Bossy Boots (Plain Brown) by fd

Hands: Mesh Hands (Splayed) by SLink

Pose: Model Poses by Purple Poses {@ SFW}



There’s a change and you barely felt it




Hair: Sha by Ploom

Hairband: Jeweled Headband (02) by Candy Crunchers {@ SFW}

Earrings: Melting Earrings by Cute Poison {@ SFW}

Necklace: the Mine! Zodiac Necklace (Pisces) by .Olive. {@ SFW}

Skin: Elly by Pink Fuel 

Shirt: summer boxy tee by offbeat {@ SFW}

Jeans: Nyx Skinny Jeans by Autres

Hands: Mesh Hands (Splayed) by Slink

Pose: Debra by Purple Poses {@ SFW}



I’m watching myself like an old TV


Hello lovelies! Sorry I haven’t blogged in like..a week or so. I was on vacation, hehe. It was fun and great to get away. I hope everyone is going to have just a few vacation days away from all the work and stress this summer! I’m also so thankful this heat has gone now! It’s been way too hot. There’s lots of events going on now including the Hair Fair (which I will post about later!) and sl fashion week has some very lovely clothing and accessories and even home decor! Last but not least, I was looking for a new shape because I was a little sick of the old one and didn’t feel like trying to make my own one so after searching constantly for 2 days, I found it! I went to Anatomy and found this adorable petite shape and couldn’t resist! It goes with almost all of my skins and I just fell in love. I also happened to fall in love with a bunch of Glitch’s other shapes too and it made it hard to pick just one!


Hair: Plenty by Magika

Shape: Freya by Anatomy

Skin: Grace (Milk) by Wow Skins |@ SFW |

Eyes: Vibrant (Aquamarine) by tsg.

Lips: Silk Lips V3 by Pink Acid |@ SFW |

Necklace: Cleo Necklace (Black) by Pure Poison |@ SFW|

Dress: L’Douce  Push Deux Noir Dress by LDP |@ SFW|

Hands: Mesh Hands (Gesture) by Slink

Shoes: Manic Studded Heels (Black) by little bones. | @ SFW |

Pose: Lisanna by Purple Poses | @ She&Him|



Life in Lavender




Hair: Sachi by Taketomi |@ The Chapter Four|

Skin: Elly by Pink Fuel

Lips: Shimmer Lip Gloss by Pink Acid |@ SFW|

Dress: Sunny Dress (Pink Gradient) by Yulicie |@ The Chapter Four |

Necklace: Bow Necklace (Silver) by tea.s |@ SFW |

Hands: Mesh Hands (Casual) by Slink

Nails: Nail Hud 2 by Crash Republic |@ SFW |

Bracelet: Slap Bracelet (Pastel Diamond) by Crahs Republic |@ SFW|

Ring: Kawaii Robot Ring (Uhhh!) by Candy Crunchers |@ SFW |

Shoes: Socks &  Shoes w/ Hud by Ducknipple

Pose: Lisanna by Purple Poses |@ She & Him|



I like cats.



Magika is having a half off sale which is super awesome! I got like almost all of the hairs now! xD Also! New round of SFW started last Friday and most of the stuff I’m blogging is from there :) Go check it out!


Hair: Forget by Magika (Half off!)

Skin: Elly by Pink Fuel

Necklace: Athena Necklace by faun |@ SFW |

Ribbon: Insignia (Most Bitchy) by RO |@ SFW |

Shirt: loose rolled up tshirt (I like cats) by krautuve |@ SFW |

Jeans: Elise Skinny Jeans (Dark Blue Acid Wash) by little bones |@ SFW |

Shoes: Espadrilles (Striped- Natural) by Miel

Hands: Mesh Hands by Slink 

Pose: Emma (8) by Purple Poses |@ SFW |

Nails: Blue Drip Nails (Hands) by Adore&Abhor (was @ The Arcade)



I Wear my Headphones at the Disco



This new hair by Taketomi might just be my favorite yet which is pretty serious! I love all my hairs, but the colors and the style of this one are just so so cute and I love the length! There’s lots of fun events and hunts going on now. Like the Endless Summer hunt where I got the skirt on the right and Thrift Shop where I got this cute skin on the left! And also the Gala Gacha event is going on with tons and tons of cute stuffs!


On the left

Hair: Fujii by Taketomi 

Skin: [1] Avril (Frosty Queen) by Sugar |@ The Thrift Shop|

Juice: Cocktail Pack (Pink Aid) by VCO |@ Gala #2|

Shirt: Debardeur de neko Peche by NuDoLu |@ Gala #2|

Shorts: Shorts (Grey) by Whatever

Socks: Cat Socks by Frankie

Shoes: Emma Apple flat shoes (Ivory Enamel) by BCC |@ The Arcade

On the right

Hair: Fujii by Taketomi 

Skin: Portia (Fairy) by Al Vulo

Headphones: Radio Headphones (Retro Girl-RARE) by fd |@ The Arcade|

Glasses: Kitty Ear Glasses (White) by SYL |@ SFW

Shirt: Strippy+Sweater (Marshmallow 2) by Vin Cue |@ SFW

Skirt: Endless Summer Hunt Skirt by Blueberry

Shoes: Beaded Flat Sandals Mesh by Al-Hanna

Pose: Alina by Purple Poses |@ SFW|

Both Hand Sets by Slink (Victory and Casual) 



Summertime Fun!



I’m so happy it’s summer :) I hate all the wintery misery and snow and cold! Ugh, summer is a time for relaxation and laying out in the warm sun. Vacations and fun! I just adore it!


Hair: Mimi (Topaz) by D!va |@ Collabor88 |

Skin: Portia (Fairy) by Al Vulo

Hands: Mesh Hands by Slink

Shirt: Shoulder PuriPuri Blouse (White Marine) by u.f.o |@ Collabor88 |

Bikini: Ruffled Bikini by Crash Republic

Shoes: Beaded Flat Sandals by Al-Hanna

Floatie: TCS Ring Bear (Red) by Miamai |@ The Arcade |



Softer Than Marble


Hey everyone! Lots going on in the fashion world and I’m featuring just a few. Such as SL Fashion Week, Fi*Fridays, and the Excuse My French Hunt :)


On the left

Hair: Candy (Light Blondes) by Truth

Skin: Elly by Pink Fuel

Sweatshirt: Mesh Hooded Sweater by OPOPOP | Excuse My French Hunt |

Skirt: Rocker Silk Skirt by Velocity

Leggings: Leo Heart Leggings by okkbye | @ SFW |

Shoes: Converse Mesh (Black) by Black Widow

On the right

Hair and Skin: Same as left

Dress: Hippy Dress (Cloud) by TSC | @ SFW |

Bracelet: Wood Bracelet (LOVE) by okkbye |@ SFW |

Tights: Kneepad Tights by okkbye

Boots: Reptile Steel Toe Boots (black) by SYL | @ Fi*Fridays |

Hands: Mesh Hands (Casual) by Slink

Both Poses: Claudia by Purple Poses | @ SFW  |



Can’t Wait for Summer


Aw, so sad it’s the end of the weekend :(  But am happy because that doesn’t have to mean that stuff in sl has to end! hehe. Designers are still making adorable things for everyone and events still go on! So I guess not all is bad. Exile has 3 new hair styles out with their new updated HUDS which are really amazing, truly. This one is Sparkle and Fade, light reds, and of course it has the 8 types of streaks to choose from! Also this top is new at Velocity and I think it’s incredible. It’s a layered top. So in the pack you get 3 tops. 2 lower layers and 1 outer. The 1 lower layer you can just use by itself incase you don’t wanna layer and then the other lower and the outer are used for the layering. You can’t really see it well in this pic (my bad) but you can see how well they match up from the side! I love it lots and of course he has HUDs for both. 8 different chevrons colors for the top and 4 plain for the lower! I love this a lot! And last, but not least The Sea Hole is closing :( That’s where the shorts are from. Everything is 50L in Drink’s store. I’m sad to see such an amazing designer go, but am happy for her because she’s obviously got amazing stuff to do irl! Anyways, after all that here are the…


Hair: Sparkle and Fade (Light Reds) by Exile New!!

Skin: Elly (Sugar) by Pink Fuel

Shirt: Layered Tank by Velocity New!! 

Hands: Mesh Rigged Hands (Gesture) by Slink

Shorts: Pika Denim Shorts (Vintage Floral) by The Sea Hole | Closing 50L Sale |

Pose: Heidi by Purple Poses |@ SFW |